Wills And Probate Market Coping During Pandemic

During a time when many people have had to adapt to social distancing, working from home or being furloughed, it’s safe to say that we all expected a loss in business as the pandemic raged its way through the UK.

For Will Writers and other professionals, social distancing and isolation made it extremely difficult to meet the requirements needed to witness wills.

A survey conducted by DPS Software, has revealed that the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the Wills and Probate Sector, has overall, not been too detrimental compared to other aspects, such as conveyancing and criminal services.

According to the respondents to their survey, in the Wills and Probate sector there has been no change to business levels despite the problems that have subsequently arisen as a result of the safety measures.

Regarding the reason behind the maintained level of business for the sector, DPS Software stated in their report:

“This is likely due to the nature of the media during the pandemic, with a daily death toll on every TV screen, people are naturally worried, and their thoughts turn to what would happen should they fall victims to Covid-19.”

To see the full survey results click here.


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