Will Enquiries Increase By 75 Per Cent

The demand for Wills has increased by up to 75 per cent over the past two weeks.

According to both deVere Group and recent commentary from Talbots Law, firms are finding increases in Will enquiries of between 70 and 75 per cent since the start of March.

Recent social distancing and lockdown restrictions have highlighted the severity of the recent outbreak. Current anxieties coupled with the increasing number of Covid-19 related deaths is forcing a lot more adults to confront their own mortality and secure their final wishes.

Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO, commented:

“Like too many aspects of financial planning, including retirement planning, drawing up a will is not something that most people rush to do.

“It remains ‘on the back burner’ until something, such as an illness or a change of circumstances, focuses minds.

“With frightening death tolls and confirmed cases, with more people than ever bravely risking their own health to help others, and with more people with more time on their hands due to social distancing measures and lockdowns, the coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented, collective focusing-of-minds effect.

“We can expect the uptick in demand for wills to continue throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which has triggered a growing number of people to get their affairs in order.

“However, a will should always play a part in any successful financial planning strategy.”

The devere Group believe the recent importance placed on Wills could be vital in helping to change the perception of how Wills are viewed in the UK.

As an additional incentive encouraging more people to make a Will in these uncertain times, devere Group are also offering free online Wills for their existing clients and a new Will for just £15 for new clients.

Nigel Green continued:

“In these highly unusual and worrying times, we should all be playing our part.  

“For this reason, we have launched a free online wills service for clients. We have also reduced the fee to just £15 to non-clients for a month.

“With the company absorbing the costs, except the storage in an insured facility, we hope this step will encourage even more people to create a will.”

Will the public perception of Wills change because of the current epidemic?  

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