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Central Law Training (CLT) a leading provider of legal CPD courses, conferences and webinars, have a number of upcoming webinars that not only could improve your professional knowledge but also allow you to add new offerings through your practice to boost your profitability.

The first, which is taking place on 22nd July, is Statutory Wills – A Practical Guide.

Statutory wills can frequently be useful in situations where a person lacking capacity either has no Will or there has been substantial change in circumstances such that a variation of testamentary provision would be in their best interest. Because certain parties can be disadvantaged by such proposed change disputes can sometimes result. This webinar looks at when a statutory Will is necessary, the procedure, recent decisions and the basis on which the Court makes a decision.

In detail it will cover:

  • What is a “statutory will”? (Mental Capacity Act 2005)
  • When is a statutory will necessary?

Testamentary Capacity

The intestate patient; significant changes in circumstances

Does every patient need to make a statutory will (the Rule in A,B&C v X,Y&Z [2012])?

  • The procedure for applying for a statutory will:

Persuade CoP that the patient lacks capacity (in relevant sense) and grounds for departing from existing testamentary arrangements

Court of Protection Rules 2007

  • Recent decisions regarding statutory wills:
  • On what basis will the Court of Protection make a decision?
  • Typical scenario of a statutory will dispute

To book your place, you can do so here: http://www.clt.co.uk/webinar/statutory-wills-a-practical-guide-webinar/

The second, which is to run on 4th August, is Insolvent Estates.

A must-view webinar for all probate practitioners, this in-depth session explores the following questions to ensure you feel confident when faced with an insolvent estate:

  • Why is deceased insolvency an area of increasing concern?
  • What are the risks to personal representatives of failing to appreciate the problem?
  • What options are available to the personal representatives?
  • Risks and opportunities for third parties such as beneficiaries and creditors
  • Warning signs

To book your place you can do so here: http://www.clt.co.uk/Webinar/Insolvent-Estates-Webinar/

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