Uncovering dementia at our latest session

Heidi Jenkins, Key Relationship Manager from Lawyer Checker hosts the August virtual event – in prep for the upcoming face to face event this month!  

The networking group now has over 750 people in the LinkedIn group and regularly meets to provide support, inspiration and business guidance to the members.

This month we invited along two very key speaks to discuss a delicate subject that is close to so many hearts, dementia.

Ann-Marie Shine-Newton from Stanford Legal, gave us an incredibly thought provoking talk around the topic. Delving in to how the disease is caused, symptoms and what it can mean for people.  Promoting how Dementia Action Alliance can help those affected with their virtual sessions and community help, she also focused on other groups such as Dementia Friendly and how it can help support businesses and organisations and help them to navigate this illness.

Amanda Coates, qualified freelance solicitor, and STEP Associate gave a particularly engaging account of the ‘bookshelf analogy’. She told the group how the bookshelf is a symbolic representation of a person’s mind, the books on the bottom of the shelf representing a persons childhood and the books at the top representing the here and now. If the case were to be shook, the books from the top would fall first, symbolising short term memory loss.

Again, we would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support, who all gave a mini update on their work over the past month.

Our next virtual meet will be held on Thursday 30th September, where we will welcome Elizabeth Rimmer, LawCare and Paige Gouldthorpe, Fosters. Register here

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