TWP Welcomes Executor Solutions As A New Partner

Having launched the publication on 12th October 2014 with aspirations of providing up to date news in the Wills and probate sector, we are delighted that the publication has grown from strength to strength.

Since the publication’s birth, we have had the pleasure to produce weekly newsletters and collaborate with a number of dedicated partners. It is an honour to welcome our new partner, Executor Solutions, into the Today’s Wills and Probate family.

Having set up the business three years ago, Barry Mattock and Darren Leggett looked at unique ways to improve the property probate market. Aimed with the ambition of taking the stress out of property probate sales, Executor Solutions was born.

Executor Solutions is the fastest growing service provider to the legal industry, working with some of the country’s best known law firms and probate organisations.

Using their vast knowledge of the property market and unparalleled experience in the probate and court of protection areas of law, Barry and Darren have provided an alternative to RICs and Estate Agents Valuations by way of the Property Valuation Appraisal which is HMRC compliant, covers Section 160 Inheritance Tax act 1984 and Taxation Chargeable Gains Act 1992.

Executor Solutions offer a bespoke and unique end to end service from property valuation through to sale completion. The business prides itself on working in teams as opposed to call centres, meaning that each customer is offered a direct contact point and is updated regularly through a thorough marketing and sales progression report.

The additional benefit of using their exclusive and vital services to ensure a sale, also make the business stand out from the rest. To help ensure that Executor Solutions are able to maintain their incredible record of selling a house within eight weeks, they also offer:

  • Free Vacant Property Insurance for all properties they market
  • Vacant property inspections
  • Clearance / Professional Clean including ‘Deep Clean’
  • General property and garden maintenance
  • Drain downs
  • Redbook valuations of jewelry, fine art, antiques etc.
  • Sale/ scrapping of vehicles
  • Land Valuations
  • Lock changes/ security

To take advantage of the average twenty-four days it takes Executor Solutions to sell a property, please click here.