The Importance Of Using Webinars To Enhance Your Marketing Potential

The legal services sector is currently working through a technology revolution. The sector is looking at the various ways technology can be used to improve the customer experience and create a more efficient process.

Similarly, the ways a company are able to market their business and train their staff has also changed considerably in recent years.

The term ‘webinar’ did not exist this time ten years ago and yet it is embedded in the culture and psyche of most businesses in the modern world. Commended for its ease of communication, delivering good value, generating potential leads, building relationships and delivering content innovatively, it offers communication and ideas to be transferred like never before.

Clive Ponder, director of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation, is well versed in how to deliver high quality webinar content to a range of different stakeholders. He has taken the time to highlight the innate benefits from using this technology and how it may develop in the future.

What prompted Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation to embrace webinar technologies?

The decision was made initially in order to keep our consultants up to date with changes in legislation, and to assist in improving client product knowledge without the need to travel to training events.

What do you consider to be the main benefits from using webinars?

The main benefits is that a consultant’s product knowledge goes up very quickly, as attending an hour webinar on a regular basis is much easier that travelling to training events around the country. We can also reach many more consultants on each of the webinars than we would do on a training day.

Each month the webinar is presented live on a Friday and Monday. Each webinar is often attended by more than 300 people. The webinars are also recorded and those that could not attend can watch the webinar in their own time, and as many times as required.

New people that join the organisation each month also have access to the bank of more than 50 webinars to increase their knowledge quickly. The slight downside of watching the recording is that questions cannot be asked. The people who watch a recording as opposed to attending a live webinar can ask questions through the ‘Superman Webinars – Post Webinar Discussion Group’ on Linked In. Currently the webinars are used to enhance our normal face to face training, not to replace it.

What ingredients make a winning webinar series for the legal services sector?

I think the rules that we would apply to a successful webinar are as follows:

  • A little humour enhances the presentation!
  • Never have only one person presenting. We would not run a webinar with less than 2 people, and we have run webinars with 3 or 4 people presenting. In this way, the presenters can react with each other, and this improves the experience.
  • Interesting slides with lots of pictures and illustrations always help – no one likes to read lines and lines of text!
  • Take questions as they come during the presentation.
  • Do not allow the presenters to use notes which they read from – and don’t just read the slides aloud, people could do that in their own time! If the presenter requires notes, maybe they do not have sufficient knowledge to present a webinar.
  • The webinar needs to give solutions to a problem and not just identify the problem. The presenter needs to come off the fence and provide practical solutions to problems being identified.

What do Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation have planned in 2019?

The webinar program has been running now very successfully for over 4 years. This will certainly continue. Throughout 2019 we will start to provide more training via webinar style sessions. Some of the training we do lends itself to being done over the internet for the convenience of everyone, but in doing this we will need to monitor the results very closely throughout the year.

CTTC Ltd are known for innovation – do you have anything innovative planned in the year ahead?

Examples of innovations in the recent past are:

1) the modified discretionary trust that allows the RNRB to be claimed

2) the Lifetime settled trusts so constructed that CLT’s, periodic and exit charges cannot be created irrelevant as to the value settled in the trust.

This year we intend to concentrate on making the software manage risk better for all. The work will give more protection to the client and the company. Watch this space for the release of a number of new documents never produced before.

Does you company embrace webinar technology? Have you considered the different ways to market your business and present your company or staff as thought leaders?



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