SWW release guidance for Will Writers on good client care

The Society of Will Writers have released guidance on what they consider good standards of client care.

The guidance note covers client care letters, terms of business and their own membership principles.

It also covers a Will Writer’s duties under the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013, a suggested complaints procedure, after sales care and transparency in communication.

The note begins: “There is little distinction between client care and customer service. Customer service is defined by The Collins English Dictionary as ‘the work of looking after customers and ensuring their satisfaction with one’s business and its goods or services’.

“Ultimately the aim of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners (SWW) is ‘to protect the public and to serve in the interests of those professionals who are active professionals in our field’.

Before concluding: “Ultimately the response we are looking for from this practice note is one of agreement and this should support your compliance with the SWW Code of Practice. As an SWW member we expect you to be compliant with our Code of Practice, which is essentially our rule book governing your interaction with your clients.

“What we are asking for isn’t particularly onerous. Put simply, it is good practice. Good communication with your clients can be an effective management control to prevent a complaint arising, or perhaps more importantly, if a complaint has been received, prevent it from escalating into something more serious.”

The full document can be found here.

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