Suspended Sentence For Sister Who Attempted To Defraud Siblings Of Inheritance

Susan Johnson forged her late mother’s signature on documents relating to her will, disinheriting her two siblings of their equal share in the estate.

Nottinghamshire Police conducted an investigation after suspicions were raised by Ms Johnson’s two siblings.

During the investigation, it was revealed that following her mother’s death in 2016, Ms Johnson supplied a document, in which she forged her mother’s signature and those of two witnesses. This document outlined that Ms Johnson was to be the sole beneficiary of her mother’s estate.

Unhappy about the validity of the document, Ms Johnson’s siblings took the document to a handwriting expert.

Clearly nervous that the expert would reveal her deceit, Ms Johnson wrote a letter to her siblings offering them a settlement. She was to receive a 70% share, whilst the remaining 30% would be split equally between the other two siblings.

Ms Johnson ended up withdrawing the false document she had submitted once the solicitor had received the hand writing expert’s report. This meant that her mother’s 2014 Will now stood.

Ms Johnson has subsequently received a two year suspended sentence for her fraudulent behaviour.

Detective Inspector Ed Cook, Nottinghamshire Police, commented:

“We take fraud offences incredibly seriously and will deal with those responsible.

“Johnson went to great lengths to support her deceit and to financially benefit from her mother’s death.

“It’s clear that her actions have caused serious distress to her siblings and their families and I hope this conviction goes to show that such behaviour will not be tolerated.”

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