SortRefer opens new business avenue for brokers

SortRefer, the intermediary online portal, now has a will referral service to run alongside its award winning conveyancing proposition.

Advisers have access to a top class will drafting service for clients run by dedicated solicitors, providing an extra professional aspect to their business offering, as well as a new income generator.

Registering on the SortRefer site is a simple process and existing users of the SortRefer conveyancing service will already have access to this latest facility.

The service offers both a singular will and a mirror will. The mirror will, effectively two identical wills, is the most beneficial way of ensuring that husband and wife or civil partners leave everything to the other party, or in the event of joint death, to their children if they have any. It caters to clients with the most straightforward needs right up to those who have the most complex estates.

According to Kevin Tunnicliffe, Managing Director at SortRefer, will writing services are needed more than ever and all financial advisers can, by offering a solicitor written will writing service, make this a cornerstone of their client relationship and subsequent financial planning.

He said, “In setting up our service, we have researched the market extensively. Frankly, some of the will writing ‘kits’ offered to brokers in the past have not been fit for purpose either because of poor drafting or because not enough time was spent understanding the client’s particular requirements. Our service offers an extensive factfind, which means that every nuance of a client’s needs can be catered for in the wording drafted by solicitors, who are highly experienced in creating wills.”

Kevin added, “We believe we have a will referral proposition that meets the needs of every client, no matter how complex their circumstances. As an ex broker myself, I wanted to make sure that our will referral proposition would really enhance the reputation of intermediaries who recommend it to clients and be a strong addition to their armoury of services.”

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