Solicitors For The Elderly Appoints New Chair Of The Board

SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) has appointed Michael Culver as Chair of the Board. Michael, who has been a member of SFE for 11 years, and on the Board for 15 months, will take over from David Sinclair when he formally steps down from his role at the SFE annual conference on 20th June. The new appointment will ultimately help the organisation to drive membership, maintain high standards within the industry and champion the rights of older people.

Michael, who has a wealth of experience in dealing with elderly client matters, will prioritise reviewing and updating the organisation’s strategy, to ensure SFE continues to evolve for the benefit of both the consumer and members. Another area of focus for the newly appointed Chair will include training for members, to ensure the organisation is recognised as a leader in older client legal services.

Engagement with members is a crucial area of responsibility for Michael, who hopes to work collaboratively with members to ensure the organisation adapts in line with member needs. Keen for SFE’s members to have a voice which is heard, Michael hopes to provide as much support and assistance to them as possible.

Michael Culver said of his appointment:

“SFE is a fantastic organisation. A huge amount has been achieved in the 20 years of operation and everyone connected with SFE should be extremely proud of where we are today. I want to express my thanks to David Sinclair for all his work and commitment to SFE over the last two years. We wish him, and his firm, all the best in the future.”

Lakshmi Turner, CEO of Solicitors for the Elderly commented:

“We’re delighted to welcome Michael to the role of Chair here at SFE. Michael has already proved his passion for SFE and his ambition to drive the business forward and ensure we are the go-to organisation for individuals seeking Early legal advice in later life, makes him the perfect candidate for the role.”