Simpler Funerals Becoming The Norm

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the way we celebrate the life of our lost loved ones has changed. 

UK funeral services group, Dignity, has revealed that as a result of the worldwide pandemic, mourners are choosing to opt for a simpler service during these times.

The group saw the amount of simple funeral services they provide increase by 20% on the previous year. Resulting in a drop in the amount of income they receive for a funeral.

The average income Dignity receives for a funeral has dropped from £2,648 to £2,200, as service time is reduced and extras such as funeral cars aren’t required, due to fewer people being able to attend the service.

On top of this, Dignity reported an 11% fall in operating profit for the first three months of 2020, with customers choosing lower-cost funerals as the coronavirus pandemic grew, and the need to factor in social distance measures whilst the funeral took place.

The figures that Dignity have reported, only include the first few days of the UK’s lockdown, and as the Government advised only close family should attend the funeral and adhere to social distancing measures, it’ll be interesting to see how this has affected funeral services across the board.

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