Sentiment Survey Demonstrates Positivity In Sector

Last week, Today’s Wills and Probate launched it’s ‘Sentiment Survey‘ inviting readers to share their opinions on the impact the coronavirus crisis has had on their businesses.

The survey ran for a week, and we want to thank the readers that took the time to submit their thoughts to us.

Will writing practitioners are facing significant challenges to their business. This was reflected in the survey, which offered a polarisation of opinions from respondents.

The key findings from the survey were:

  • 65% of people were remote working as a result of the pandemic
  • 45% of those surveyed don’t feel that the measures brought in by the Government will help their business
  • 35% were conducting more fraud tests

It appeared that some of our readers were facing differing workload levels between 27th April and the 8th May.

Seemingly, the adaptations made by some, enabling them to perhaps diversify or offer some other service has helped them during this time, as they have received potentially higher volumes of work than previous weeks. Although, this has differed across the board with a number of respondents admitting that their workload had sadly decreased as a result of the lockdown.
With regards to seeing an upturn in their workload, one respondent commented:
“[I have been able to take] remote instructions of Wills means that I have been able to write Wills for friends elsewhere in the UK.”
Another revealed that they were now no longer confined to serving clients in a specific geographical area thanks to online technology:
“Working remotely does not tie me to a 30 mile radius.”

One participant stated that:

“Using video calls to take Will instructions works very well.”

Another mentioned:

“Working on new initiatives such as network marketing.”

With regards to tackling the issue of training, one participant revealed they’d been providing the training to their Associates remotely. Having the capability to do this, ensures that people are still able to provide the best service they can.

Naturally, emails were still the main method people used to communicate during this time with over 90% of participants identifying the communication tool. However, ‘Zoom’ meetings, Skype calls and Microsoft Teams were all mentioned, and notably could be used to provide that personal touch. I imagine seeing clients, team members and the like helps to reduce the feeling of isolation.

It’s interesting that it has taken a situation such as the coronavirus pandemic to show that we can still function in a ‘normal’ way to complete some of our daily tasks purely by utilising the technology that we have to hand. Many of those who completed the survey seemed to remain upbeat about the current situation, and had used the time to embrace the new ways of working.

Participants were also asked about the type of content they’d like to see on this trade publication. We’ll pull these content ideas together and see what we can do to facilitate these requests.

We have seen requests for positive news in the industry, with one participant revealing that Will writers have turned (like many) to helping vulnerable and self isolating people in their community. We would like to begin to build our ‘Friday Feeling’ and pass our praise and thanks and share your good news stories with the sector. If you have any good news story you’d like to share then email [email protected] 

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