Are you ready to declare your competency?

With the SRA practising certificate renewal period now open, solicitors around England and Wales will be finalising their training schedules so that they can confidently answer the question they will be asked: “Has the individual reflected on their practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs in the year to 31 October 2017?”.

October 2017 marks the end of the first year that the new SRA Competence-based training regime became compulsory. As you should all be aware, solicitors should be able to demonstrate competence in four areas (A Ethics, Professionalism and Judgement, B Technical Legal Practice, C Working with Other People and D Managing Yourself and your own work). We believe that this is good practice, not just for solicitors but for anyone working in the Private Client sphere.

A good private client lawyer should, of course, be aware of current legislation and up to date case law but also sensitive to the needs of the often vulnerable clients they are explaining it to. It is no use knowing the new Residence Nil Rate Band legislation inside out for example, if your client has early onset dementia or is being pressured by offspring to change their will and you are unaware of the potential ethical and communication implications. Likewise, it is no use having excellent people skills if your knowledge of the law is out of date.

Organised by Central Law Training, the Private Client Competence Conference 2017 (10 October, London) is a unique event, carefully crafted to provide attendees with practical and technical knowledge across all four SRA Competency Areas specifically tailored to the private client practitioner.

Hear from the Chair of the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Succession Taxes Sub-committee, the Worldwide Chair of STEP, and members of the STEP Mental Capacity Special Interest Group at one event!

By the end of this thought-provoking day you will return to the office, able to demonstrate competence and in turn, provide a confident and up to date service to your clients. Find out more.

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