Public Health England report "excess deaths" in Northern ireland for start of January

Public Health England has reported "excess deaths" in Northern Ireland for week two of 2015.

The Respiratory Diseases Department at PHE also recoded excess deaths between weeks 52 and week one for Northern Ireland using European Monitoring of Excess Mortality algorithim.

The Public Health Body reported 13,045 all-cause deaths in England and Wales for week one, a sharp but artificial increase on the 7,524 recorded in week 53 of 2015 due to the number of bank holidays resulting in fewer days to register deaths.

In terms of age groups, excess mortality was recorded in week 51 of 2015 for under-fives and 5-14 year-olds, and in week 52 for 15-64 in England. No significant excess was seen in any other age groups according to the report.

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