Personal Injury Trusts Training – What You Need To Know

Today’s Training is hosting a live webinar on 30 September at 10am with Lynne Bradey, Partner at Wrigley’s Solicitors, discussing what private client practitioners need to know about Personal Injury Trusts.

There will be different reasons for clients needing a Personal Injury Trust, and different types of trust will be appropriate for clients with different needs.

The training will cover: 

  • What Personal Injury Trusts are and when to advise clients about them
  • The means testing rules that affect clients and how Personal Injury Trusts can help.
  • How Personal Injury Trusts fit in for clients who lack capacity and those who are under  the age of eighteen.
  • Practical hints and tips on running Personal Injury Trusts.
  • Case studies to provide real life context for various scenarios

The course costs £30 per person and will count towards a practitioners continued development.

For more information and to book your place on the course click HERE.

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