Permission to probate!

Accountancy firm, PFK Cooper Parry launch new probate service after being granted an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) licence

With the arrival of the new probate services, PFK Cooper Parry aim to stand out from the crowd due to the shortage of accountancy firms in the East Midlands that are able to carry out probate under new Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) rules.

Sarah Axe, Private Client Tax Partner at PFK Cooper Parry, is quick to announce her feelings of achievement regarding the new probate service. When asked about the new business expansion, Sarah responded with delight and went on to state how the introduction of the services is deemed as a natural progression. The East Midlands advisers reportedly possess great understanding and experience regarding the subject of probate. Prior to the introduction, services such as estate planning and advice on family trusts were prevalent at the firm.

The Castle Donington-based business holds the recent change in law in high regard. Due to this change, the accountancy firm was allowed to gain the ABS required to offer such legal provisions; previously a reserved activity. As PFK Cooper Parry expand their services similarly to other accountancy firms of recent, is this a sign of things to come?

Sarah later went on to state the benefits of accountancy firms offering a wider range of services. Sarah was keen to reiterate that accountancy firms have regular meetings with clients and are therefore constantly updated on current financial circumstances; amongst this Sarah also believes that because of this, if probate was required, it would be much quicker and simpler.

With PFK Cooper Parry aiming to achieve an annual turnover in excess of £5 million and to become the first choice for audit and business advice, this expansion could key for fuelling the firm’s ambitions.

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