Pensions Dashboard “ready for 15 million consumers”

A technology provider has successfully scale tested its pension dashboard solution to handle expected usage by 15 million consumers when live.

This estimate was reached by Origo last month having spoken with other banks and providers, as well as following its own research.

The solution, as detailed by Origo, is the underlying engine which enables requests from consumers to be sent to third-party administrators, pension providers and schemes, as well as enabling pension details to be sent back to the dashboard. For adviser firms, this also includes advanced features such as Delegated Authority (access).

Commenting on the success of the Pensions Dashboard test was Anthony Rafferty. The Managing Director at Origo said: “We are delighted with the progress we’re making on behalf of consumers. Our recent testing has proven that the solution scales.

“One of the main concerns of those responsible for delivery of this critical project is the sheer complexity in scaling up the central IT infrastructure to deal with this anticipated volume of consumers. It is vital that this is achieved securely, efficiently and at acceptable cost to Government and industry stakeholders.

“Our offering is underpinned by highly scalable world-class technology which orchestrates the finding of pensions securely. It also provides centralised authorisation services to enable dashboard access to the pensions which are found and includes advanced features such as Delegated Authority (access) for advisers, guidance bodies and other trusted parties.

“Working in collaboration with providers and industry bodies over the years, as well as the support from our strategic technology partners – MuleSoft and ForgeRock – has enabled us to deliver and successfully test the plumbing of the pensions dashboard. For us, the technology is ready for 15 million consumers.”

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