OPG Appoint Nick Goodwin As New Public Guardian

Nick Goodwin has been appointed to the role as Public Guardian for England and Wales and Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

Mr Goodwin will take over from Alan Eccles who retired on 30th June 2019 after seven years as Public Guardian and OPG Chief Executive and following over 30 years as a barrister.

Bringing extensive experience of his own to the role, Nick Goodwin has been appointed after heading up teams leading on metal capacity policy within the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) where he worked closely with the OPG on a number of issues.

Since his appointment, Nick Goodwin has been approved by Justice Secretary David Gauke.

Nick Goodwin, new Public Guardian, commented:

“I am delighted to take on the role of Public Guardian and Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian. I know from my prior experience of working on mental capacity policy just how important the work of OPG is in protecting those who have already, or may in future, lose their mental capacity and also in supporting those who care for them.

“I have been greatly impressed by the dedication and expertise of all the staff I have met and worked with at OPG and just how far the organisation has developed under Alan’s leadership. I look forward to working with staff and its stakeholders to improve its vital services, so that we can deliver on the ambitious and user-centred agenda OPG has set itself.”

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