OAP sentenced after admitting using invalid will to stay in home

An old age pensioner (OAP) has been given a suspended sentence for using an invalid will to stay in her former partner’s home.

Joyce Lovelock of Derby showed the document to the family of her late partner Norman Meakin after his death in September 2014.

However, it emerged the two witnesses who supplied signatures confirming they saw Mr Meakin sign the document had done so after his death.

The will in the family’s possession stated the estate should be divided between five relatives and Lovelock.

Lovelock was given a 12 month sentence, suspended for two years, after she admitted using a false instrument in order to deceive.

Recorder Michael Stephens said: "I accept, at the end of the day, this document was one that Norman Meakin signed. Where things have gone wrong are after he passed away you wrongly took it upon yourself to get it signed so that will could be seen as a valid document and I believe you knew you were doing something wrong.

"It seems to me you did what you did because you felt hard done by. After all the years you devoted to Norman you were going to get no more than the other members of his family.

"You got two vulnerable, naive people to sign that document and I think you took advantage of their good nature."

Martin Hurst, prosecuting, said: "When the son, acting as executor, went to the address in Derby he met the defendant there who indicated she had recently discovered another will and was going to prove it.

"Solicitors were involved on both sides and it turns out the fundamental change in the will allowed her to remain living at the address where she lived before his death, until her death. It was a significant financial benefit to her — she had her own home and always had her own home."

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