New service can inform financial institutions of death in single step

The launch of a new service aims to help relieve pressure from grieving families when notifying organisations of a loved one’s death.

The Death Notification Service enables users to notify up a number of banks and building societies about the death by filling in an online form or through a single phone call.

Run by technology company Equiniti, the service was introduced to ease the process for families winding down the estate of a family member after death.

The case of Victoria was highlighted in Thisismoney, which explained the stress which families often go through when having to contact multiple organisations to close down accounts of the deceased. In many instances, they will be faced with automated systems or staff who were unsure what action needs to be taken.

Whilst she said that improvements have been made within organisations to deal with such requests appropriately, the similar model to the Government service – of registering a death at the register office – was put forward as an approach to be used for private organisations.

Once the notification has been submitted, financial institutions will be contacted by financial institutions within ten days to advise of the next steps to take.

Further information on the service can be found at the link below:

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