New north west probate team launches

Vincent’s Solicitors has created a brand new probate team to assist clients in the Lancashire area due to an increase in workload.

The new team has over 50 years’ experience in probate work between them, and will concentrate on purely probate cases, allowing them to help more clients than they have ever done before.

Donna Matthews from the Lytham office will lead the team and work with probate executives, Amy Whiteside (based in Garstang) and Karen Cooper (who are based in Lytham).

While, head of the firm’s private client department, Chris Mathews, will continue to deal with complex estates and contentious cases.

Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic and the soon to be mandatory online probate service has resulted in delays, in particular with the general public attempting to process probate themselves and unaccustomed to the probate process.

However, Vincents are hoping the new dedicated probate team will help guide their clients through the system, resulting in decisions being made quicker with their backing.

Donna Matthews said:

“The aim of our dedicated team is to help ensure a faster resolution for our clients. We are often executors for our clients’ wills which means the wheels can be set in motion immediately.

“However, sometimes friends and family members of the deceased are appointed as the executor and we are finding them coming to us for support after having found the whole process rather complex and time consuming, or too emotionally difficult following the death of a loved one.

“Because this is our area of expertise, we are able to progress matters smoothly and swiftly on their behalf.

“There have also been growing delays within the system which have been frustrating, but by having a better understanding of how things work, we can take that burden from clients and handle the situation for them.”

Chris Mathews further added:

“Probate is an increasingly complex system for which experienced professional support is more often required. Donna and her team have supported many hundreds of clients through the process, with a calm efficiency which is always appreciated by families at a difficult time.

“We are committed to providing the very best service that we can for our clients and hope the advent of this new dedicated team will prove beneficial in securing a resolution more easily than by themselves.”

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