New company aims to bring funerals back to life

A new industry startup believes that technology could pave the way in putting people in control of their own funerals.

Dead Right enables consumers to compare funeral packages, offering an array of different combinations which can be tailored to the interests of the individual.

The company’s aim is to give consumers a service which keeps pace with everyday life, providing both transparency and choice. They also claim that introducing technology could have a positive impact on the market, particularly when it comes to improving communication and providing support throughout the process.

Commenting on the service and how it aims to benefit consumers was Felicity Stinton. The founder and CEO of Dead Right stated: “Death is out of step with the lives we’re living today.

“We do price comparison, funeral director comparison – by going online you don’t have to default to the dominant brand or bloke down the road.

“There are choices out there and when you understand more about the way the market operates you can make more informed choices.”

As well as providing choice, the company also hopes to help customers reduce spending on funerals.

“For some it’s about spending the least but for many what’s more important is how you spend it.

“They want to spend the money on things that matter to them and what makes sense for the individual that died rather than being pushed down a sausage factory.”

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