Neil Armstrong’s Estate Paid $6 Million By Hospital He Died In

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic landing on the moon. Unfortunately, it also represents a settlement victory paid to Neil Armstrong’s estate.

The hospital where legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong died has paid his estate $6 million after a motion was filed claiming the post-care he received contributed towards his death in 2012.

Having been admitted to hospital in August 2012 for vascular bypass surgery, Armstrong died on August 25th whilst recovering in the hospital.

Armstrong’s two sons, Rick and Mark, believe that the operation was successful, and his death was attributed to the aftercare he received whilst recovering.

Neil Armstrong’s wife, executor of the estate, agreed and filed a motion against the hospital for their role in her husband’s death in September 2014.

Although the hospital staunchly defended the care they provided to the first man to walk on the moon, they were willing to settle the matter privately to avoid a long drawn out legal battle.

According to documents filed by Hamilton County Probate Court in Cincinnati, the money from the estate has been split between 10 of Armstrong’s close relatives including two sons, brother, sister and six grandchildren.

Overall, the family were awarded $5.2 million and had legal fees in excess of $160,000 paid through the settlement.

Being an executor of the estate, Carol Armstrong did not benefit directly from the money received through the settlement.

In 2014, Armstrong’s wife, Carol Armstrong, filed a motion against Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital, citing ‘He underwent the cardiovascular surgery, but post-surgical complications arose and he subsequently died.’

Maureen Richmond, a hospital spokeswoman, commented:

“The public nature of these details is very disappointing – both for our ministry and the patient’s family who had wished to keep this legal matter private.”

“The hospital, on behalf of itself and the health care providers, agreed to a confidential settlement of $6 million to avoid the publicity the Estate might have initiated on behalf of certain members of the family if settlement had not been reached.”

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