My Will Writing Journey – Part 3

So, if I thought yesterday was information heavy and intensive. Today’s training, which subsequently is three quarters of the way through the course was going to be more information heavy.

My little boy, who had behaved exemplary over the past few days decided he didn’t like mummy not paying him attention, and decided to sit on my knee for most of the day. Which proved challenging as he wanted to demonstrate he could work from home too.

Bribing him with snacks was only a short-term measure, so I was counting down to when he went down for a nap. The joys of home working.

Back to the course. We continued to look at Trusts and providing the best advice for clients, which can help them throughout death planning and to consider tax implications. As well as Lasting Power of Attorneys and Deputyships.

For someone like me, who doesn’t have a legal background, hearing about all the advice out there, and hearing some of the jargon explained in simple terms made the idea less daunting.

I am beginning to panic about the post course exam now and I’m hoping I understand enough to pass.

I made reference before undertaking the course, that I was talking to my friends who said that I’d be in a suitable position to advise them regarding writing their wills. Although I can give a rough outline, I will definitely be pointing them in the direction of a will writing professional who has a lot more experience on this matter than I.

However, the course has given me some food for thought with regards to ideas for content which I could use to help others in the a similar situation to my own, and from a personal view the steps I and my loved ones need to consider to protect our assets in both ‘death’ and ‘life’ planning.

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