My Will Writing Journey – Part 2

After a night of going over my notes, and realising that the introductory information provided on the first day of the course, cemented some of the knowledge I already had of the sector – thanks to my contributions with this publication – I was excited to see what day two of the course would bring.

What I hadn’t planned for, was the fact that there were so many things a Will Writer should consider when it came to providing a service to their clients. Also understanding the subtle differences that could make a huge difference depending on which country in the UK you lived in, could impact the lasting legacy of those committing their wishes to paper.

So today, was a little more intense than the previous day. I never for one realised,  how many different types of trusts were out there and the protection – or lack of – protection they could provide beneficiaries of estates. On the flip side of that, I’d never really sat down and thought about all the risks to any inheritance I could potentially pass down to my child and any future children – not forgetting my spouse….he’d be a little grumpy if I did.

I like to think of myself as an organised individual, but contemplating future planning to encompass potential care fees, bankruptcy, divorce etc has never crossed my mind. Worryingly, I spoke to some family members about this course, and the things that have been discussed as some of these issues have never crossed their minds either.

Today was a huge learning curve for myself, and has made me understand how many different aspects of life and finance a Will Writer has to consider to ensure their clients get the best advice available. I haven’t been deterred though, and as I enjoy a warm cup of tea digesting all of the information I’ve gleaned today, I have no doubt that tomorrow will throw up further food for thought on the situation.

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