Man Seeks To Overturn High Court Decision

A bitter family dispute has continued to rumble on as a man attempts to overturn a High Court’s decision regarding his mother’s Will.

Last month, we reported that Susan Bond, successfully overturned her mother, Jean Clitheroe’s Will enabling her to inherit part of the £325,000 estate that was solely left to her brother John Clitheroe.

John has launched a fundraising campaign to finance his bid to reinstate his mother’s two Wills which saw Susan disinherited.

The court battle that ensued as Susan overturned the Wills was described by Deputy Master Linwood as a “bitter family dispute”.

Especially as the Court heard the detailed reasons Jean had written down as to why she wanted to cut her daughter off. These reasons included calling her daughter a “shopaholic and would just fritter it [the money] away.”

Susan countered and claimed her mother had an adverse reaction to grief as a result of losing her eldest child.

During this appeal the Judge found in Susan’s favour enabling her to inherit part of her mother’s estate, by striking out both 2010 and 2013 Wills.

Now, John has instructed Irwin Mitchell solicitors to help appeal the case.

Nicola Bushby, Irwin Mitchell, said:

“This is a situation nobody want to be in after the loss of a loved one.

“Our client cared for his mother for many years – he has found the court process to be emotionally exhausting, but strongly believes his mother had mental capacity up until her death.

“Mr Clitheroe stands by the belief the two wills were valid. Experts found no evidence of cognitive impairment.

“The fact that Mr Clitheroe’s mother went to extensive efforts to record her testamentary wishes but they were overturned is of great concern to him.

“This is a matter of testamentary freedom.”

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  • test

    İ like to ask judges if the will has no value and judges going to ignore a will what point making a will? İf the judges going to ignore then we should stop making a will.
    I personally will not give one penny to daughter who is unkind and uncaring daughter.

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