Legal Advisers Play Critical Role In Normalising Charitable Wills

In the latest Today’s Wills and Probate readership survey, 9 in 10 legal advisers said they now include the option of charitable bequests in their Will writing service, helping to grow and normalise legacy giving.

Charitable Will writing enquiries are believed to have hit record levels in recent months, with charities and the legal sector having widely reported increases during lockdown.

Over four in ten (45%) Today’s Wills and Probate readers said they referenced charitable bequests in most or every consultation with Will writing clients. A further 45% broach the issue when they consider it appropriate, and only 11% say they never do so.

These conversations are described as ‘critical’ by the charity consortium, Remember A Charity, which works to build awareness of the option of making a charitable gift once they have taken care of their family and friends.

Charitable bequests in the UK now raise over £3 billion for good causes annually and are the largest single source of voluntary income.

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A charity, says:

“For a growing number of people across the country, their Will is an opportunity not only to support loved ones, but to shape the world they leave behind. And with the charity sector facing urgent funding shortfalls linked to the global pandemic, this income stream has never been more critical or more valued.”

“Even the simplest of references to the option of leaving a gift to charity from a client’s Will, can double the chances that they will do so, inspiring philanthropy while helping the public ensure their final wishes are met.”

Karen Babington, Director of the Practical Vision Network which runs the Today’s Wills and Probate publication, said:

“Legal advisors play a critical role in advising their clients about leaving charitable legacies. Our August Today’s Wills and Probate sentiment survey demonstrates the fact that they’re aware of the important role they play in this process.

“Charities are under increasing financial pressure. With charitable legacies being the largest source of income for many in this sector, I think it’s only right that we continue to normalise legacy giving in the wills and probate sector. Leaving a legacy to a charity can be extremely rewarding, and like Rob has mentioned it helps to give people the opportunity to shape the world they leave behind.”

This news comes in the build-up to Remember A Charity Week (7-13 September 2020), where charities and the legal sector will work collaboratively to inspire the public to consider leaving a gift in their Will. Promotional resources are available exclusively to Campaign Supporters, a free scheme designed to help solicitors and Will writers open up conversations around Will-writing and legacy giving.

Rob Cope adds:

“Remember A Charity Week is a great opportunity to promote the importance of having an up-to-date Will, as well as highlighting the option of including a charity and how to go about it.”

This year’s legacy awareness campaign includes a collection of social media assets, promotional literature and a short animated video featuring The Wombles. The campaign messaging highlights the importance of donations fitting around people’s wishes for their family and friends, and that even a small gift can make a huge difference.

For more information, visit: the Remember A Charity website

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  • test

    Interesting article…. when it reports that “Over four in ten (45%) Today’s Wills and Probate readers said they referenced charitable bequests in most or every consultation with Will writing clients” is this when a client is making a charity “free will” or all Wills including those where the client is paying legal costs?

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