Law Society Welcomes Government Commitment To Jobs

The Law Society has come out and supported the government’s commitment to concentrate on getting people back to work following the coronavirus pandemic.

Plans for a ‘kick start’ scheme for young people were welcomed by the Law Society.

Simon Davis, President of the Law Society in England and Wales, said:

“We will be encouraging law firms as well as in-house teams to make use of this programme to train 16 to 24-year-olds by boosting the number of apprenticeships in the law.

“While the additional support for apprenticeships unveiled by the chancellor will benefit the legal services sector we feel he could go further.”

Legal services could create additional jobs if they were able to spend apprenticeship levy money on:

  • LawTech seats and training in LawTech skills.
  • Training in secondary specialisations which will enable people to re-train in other practice areas.
  • Training contracts to maintain the jobs pipeline for students about to complete the LPC.
  • Supporting other organisations (In England, including in the third sector) by funding joint roles. This would enable firms to deliver pro-bono work in partnership with legal charities, helping to meet the likely rise in demand for such services and provide more efficient access to legal advice.
  • Silverstone Auctions
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