Law Society Releases Annotated Probate Forms

Working together with HMCTS, the Law Society has released annotated probate forms as well as an FAQ that will help people when applying for probate.

The forms, PA1P and PA1A, have been annotated with the registrar’s comments so that when using paper forms, the person applying can have a clearer understanding of what each section requires. The FAQs are then available for any further queries for both the paper and online application.

Although the annotated forms have been released, the Law Society is still encouraging members to consider registering for the online probate service, that will allow users to monitor their applications as well as receive any notifications of status changes.

Ian Bond, chair of our Wills and Equity Committee, said:

“The Law Society welcomes the publication of the registrars annotated forms which arose from helpful discussions between the Registrars and the Law Society, STEP and SFE. The annotated forms alongside the FAQs are a real help to the solicitor profession in making paper applications for grants of representation.

“It’s encouraging to see a steady increase in the number of professionals using the online application system which in time will become the default method of applying for grants of representation.”

An online probate application webinar, recorded by Kieran Bowe as part of the Private Client Section annual conference, is available to members of the Private Client Section.


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