Kingsley Napley’s Vlog Series Enlightens Consumers

In a technology driven world, how does your law firm inform, educate and communicate with clients?

Kingsley Napley’s Laura Phillips, a Senior Associate who specialises in Contentious Trust and Probate Disputes, has looked to utilise YouTube to create a series of informative vlogs.

Laura Phillips introduced the series by explaining her motivations were to briefly cover the popular areas and issues frequently dealt with in Kingsley Napley’s dispute resolution department.

The opening episode looks at the rise of dementia and the challenges of contesting a will when issues of testamentary capacity are being challenged.

Later episodes cover suspicious content and errors in a will which may need to be challenged, the concept of undue influence affecting the testator’s choices, an overview of the formalities making a will valid and an episode looking at fraudulent or forged wills.

Overall, at less than two minutes per episode, the modern consumer is presented with a perfect introduction to certain areas of law, concerning contentious wills, in a digital format which is proving ever popular to the media savvy and technology enlightened public.

In a time when blended families create additional legal issues and contentious cases are on the rise, the package of digestible vlogs enables the often confused client to gain a little more understanding of the complex legal system they may be about to enter.

Laura Phillips commented:

“In 2018, 45% of the adult population suggested that they had a will but that obviously means that there is quite a lot of the population who may die intestate.

“In 2019, it was suggested that 1 in 4 would challenge the validity of a will if they did not get what they were hoping for under that will.

“There are many types of claims that arise in this particular area and so the videos will offer more information on these topics.”

Laura adds:

“This is my first time vlogging personally but vlogs are a tool my firm is increasingly using to reach potential clients in a simple to absorb, clear and user-friendly way. Not everyone reads the personal finance pages of the broadsheets so we wanted to make sure our message and expertise is accessible to wider audiences. YouTube is obviously a popular channel so it will be interesting to see the viewing statistics we get!”

How does your estate planning, probate and will writing business communicate with and educate consumers?

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