Junior lawyers must be supported as the profession looks to a hybrid return to the office

New guidance on how to supervise and support junior staff and trainees via hybrid and flexible working models as firms and organisations look to return to the office has been unveiled by the Law Society of England and Wales.

Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce said:

“Since March 2020, solicitors have been working and supervising junior staff and trainee solicitors remotely.

“It’s clear the pandemic has changed the way we view work. We want to guide our members on how to ensure their junior staff are being supported in the best possible way.

“With the imminent return to the office, many firms and organisations are considering a hybrid model, with some form of remote working arrangements alongside time spent in the office.

“There are some areas of good practice that should be taken into account when deciding working arrangements to ensure junior staff, and trainees in particular, are appropriately supervised and supported as the profession plans its return to the office.

“As such, we have developed guidance based on member feedback to support employers and staff come to suitable working arrangements.

“This guidance is aimed at firms and organisations which are considering flexible or hybrid working arrangements once everyone is allowed to return to the office.

“The Law Society will be on hand to help our members support their staff in the coming months and will continue to monitor the guidance issued from the UK government as lockdown restrictions are eased.”

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