Popular will writers’ event returns for 26th year

Following the silver jubilee event being so well received last year, the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW) and the Institute of Scottish Professional Will Writers (ISPW) will be holding its 26th Annual AGM and Conference on 22nd March 2017.

Taking place at Drayton Manor Hotel & Conference Centre, the Conference is the ideal opportunity for IPW members to learn about their organisation and its future development, and to be able to vote on the management and policy of the organisation. The Conference will once again include talks from industry leaders and the IPW is pleased to confirm presentations from the following high profile speakers:

  • Professor Lesley King – Will drafting tips and traps
  • Geoffrey Shindler OBE – Current issues in the Chancery Division relating to Wills and Estates
  • Tim Farmer – Grandpa on a Skateboard
  • Paul Kershaw – Office of the Public Guardian
  • Johnston Park McAndrew – Professional Indemnity Insurance

The IPW is delighted to have such high-quality speakers to enhance the event, with the delegates sure to have their knowledge and understanding boosted.

Looking to increase its scope within the industry, the Institute is also currently working collaboratively with certain professionals. This includes Solicitors, IFAs and Accountants who are able to benefit from working with the only will writing organisation to be recognised by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute for its Code of Practice. With the number of courses in England, Wales and Scotland growing, training is becoming a more important part of the IPW’s focus for the future.

Recognition of the value to be gained from the courses can be illustrated by the bespoke requests received from a growing number of large and small companies, both within and on the periphery of the sector.

As well as its own members, the IPW/ISPW welcomes anyone else who is interested in the Wills and Estate Planning sector to join them at the Conference and benefit from the event.

For more information on the Conference, please click here.

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