Introducing The British Wills & Probate Award’s Champagne Reception Sponsor: Executor Solutions

Since making the important decision to return for a third year, The British Wills & Probate Awards has seen the number of entries surpass 2019’s total with the sector as a whole recognising the impact of Covid-19 on the Wills & Probate industry.

Plans for the Gala Dinner, scheduled for 22nd October 2020, have been put on hold until there is greater clarity from the government on the nature of social distancing requirements post-lockdown.

But The British Wills & Probate Awards are committed to completing the judging and awards process with the final deadline for entries on Friday 5th June.

This year we are delighted to welcome Executor Solutions as our Champagne Reception sponsor.

Today’s Will & Probate spoke to Client Services Director Michael Edwards about their involvement in 2020.

Who are Executor Solutions

Executor Solutions offer a range of services to help deal with property left vacant by the passing of its owner. We exist to save professional partners valuable time whilst providing essential services that ensure a property is managed throughout its Probate and Court of Protection status

Requirements during these difficult times can vary enormously and our experience has shown us that we need to roll up our sleeves and get involved in many ways to support the work of our partners and the particular needs of each account.

We have been working with solicitors, legal partners and owners providing services that release professional time whilst ensuring a property is properly looked after and in time sold.

From changing locks, managing energy suppliers, to document searches, vacant property insurance, asset valuation, to managing probate valuation and sale. We help in any way needed.

In 2019 the business branched out further, offering Court of Protection services.

As we continued to work with our professional partners it became clear that those involved in Court of Protection could also benefit from our services

Vacant Property Insurance

The latest addition to the product roster is an innovative Vacant Property Insurance service that requires no mandatory inspection or minimum term. It has very much been tailored to the needs of the executor providing immediate cover and flexible payment arrangements.

A property suddenly left empty because the owner has been taken ill or passed away, can be especially vulnerable.  Chances are the absence was unexpected so the usual checks you’d make if going away for a while – doors, windows, heating, appliances etc. – won’t have been made.

Insurance needs to be the first step for any Executor, Deputy or Attorney that finds themselves legally responsible for someone else’s home. If the owner has passed away, any insurance they had in place will no longer be valid; if the owner is unwell or has been struggling to cope, it’s possible their insurance has lapsed or been left unpaid, so you might want to add temporary cover while you establish if it’s really required.

The Coronavirus has added additional challenges with many vacant properties left unchecked as a result of lockdown.

Ensuring properties are suitably covered has become a challenge given the restrictions of lockdown and the changes it has brought to the ways we work.

Our vacant property insurance is helping our professional partners by providing an insurance product that provides the cover they need in a way that has adapted to the current circumstances.

That’s why we are seeing so many take up this opportunity.

House Searches

The day in life of the Executor Solutions team is never dull!

One of the more interesting parts of the job are house clearances, or more specifically, house searches.

A house clearance can be just that, the clearing of all items within a property, which are then unceremoniously lobbed into a van.

A house search involves an instruction to find specific items or types of items. The process often uncover long lost items of sentimental and financial value. It is during a house search where the most weird and wonderful treasures are found.

We’ve seen it all. Firearms, war medals, cash, urns containing ashes, items of an adult nature.

We’ve reunited keys and logbooks long since divorced from their vehicles. Uncovered a beautiful and ornate 90-year bible which, had it been a house clearance, would now be in landfill.

We once found a beautiful grandfather clock, left in a will which, on closer inspection, was missing its face and mechanism. We managed to hunt those down in a house that was ‘rather full’.

Old record collections, valuable paintings, insignificant items of huge sentimental value. Anyone for an ‘egg mincer’?.

We’ve seen houses so clean that all the surfaces, and furniture, were covered in cling film, like a 70s film, to the type of property featured on a TV show about hoarders.

And along the way, a fair amount of dead mice

 The impact of COVID-19

Coronovirus has affected most businesses in the UK and Executor Solutions, and its sister company Moving Made Easy, are no exception.

We have had to adapt to the extremes of a crashing housing market whilst forging plans for future survivability. It has not been easy.

We operate by providing technical specialists in the housing market and probate support services market. This experienced account management has enabled the companies to continue to operate services into restricted markets and to support our partners and customers who themselves have been facing huge challenges in terms of servicing their own customers.

In the case of Moving Made Easy we have managed to maintain a service to our housebuilders and have seen exchanges continue to take place and in the case of Executor Solutions we have been able to keep properties secured, maintained and insured.

It has been a challenging time. We are lucky. We have a set of services we can quickly deploy and a team of experienced, technical and capable individuals who are well versed in understanding what is needed in the market.

We have been able to continue to work with our professional partners providing services and reassurance to their clients at an extremely difficult time. Where it has looked like business might falter, we have been able to help our clients to continue to service their markets.

Find out more about Executor Solutions and their services for wills & probate professionals here:

Be Part of The British Wills & Probate Awards 2020

The closing date for entry to The British Wills & Probate Awards 2020 is Friday 5th June.

In addition to the extensive recognition, this year we have launched a further 4 new categories

  • Charity Legacy Team of the Year
  • Probate Research Firm of the Year
  • Chambers of the Year
  • Private Client Team of the Year

Be part of the British Wills & Probate Awards 2020… CLICK HERE to enter

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