HMCTS Release FAQs For Probate Professionals

Today saw the release of a useful FAQ document by HMCTS in relation to Probate for professionals.

The document, described as a working document that will have more responses added as new questions come in. Subscribers to TWP who are members of SFE, STEP, ICAEW or Law Society can share questions with those organisations who can provide feedback to HMCTS on new material. If anyone is a non-member of any of those but a professional can feedback direct to HMCTS.

Covering both online and paper application queries, the document addresses a number of questions and issues so that professionals can use the service effectively.

Questions include how to use the online probate service and the guidance for signatures during the lockdown.

Speaking on behalf of the Law Society, Ian Bond stated:

“The Law Society welcomes the publication of this guidance by HMCTS on using the new application forms and the online portal for legal professionals applying for grants of representation. The Law Society, SFE, STEP and the ICAEW have all worked closely with HMCTS to make sure that users of the new forms and the online portal have the necessary information to enable the completion and submission of successful applications whichever method they opt to use.”

The document will be available on the Law Society website this afternoon, as well SFE, STEP and the ICAEW. Professional users of the HMCTS should also have received it by email.


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