Having children the most frequent reason to get a will written

Having children is now the most likely cause for people put their affairs in order and get their wills written according to research conducted by YouGov.

According to the research, having children is the only reason given in the majority of cases when it comes to why they made a will.

However the 56% who said so in 2015 is a drop from the 62% who specified children in 2014.

The second most cited was a change in health, with marriages and divorces also cited.

According to YouGov: “For 56%, having children is an important time to make a will, but this is lower than the 62% citing this reason in 2014.

“Almost half – 46% – identify a change in their health circumstances as a time to make a will. This is slightly down from 49% in 2014.

“Getting married is another major event to prompt 46% to make a will (48% in 2014).

“Divorce/dissolution/separation is the main reason to change a will: 53% give this as a reason for a will change, compared with 57% in 2014. Another 47% would change if children come into their lives. Other notable reasons to change a will are changes in health circumstances or financial circumstances.”

The report also states Solicitors are the most popular choice for people putting together wills, however Will Writers appear to be making more inroads into the market.

59% used a Solicitor in 2015 compared with 62% in 2014, with the proportion of those using will writers growing from 14% to 18%.

One in ten people still choose to write wills themselves, the same as in 2014.

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