Government issues public advice on making a charitable donation safely

The Charity Commission have released public guidance to help ensure consumers donate to charities safely.

Acknowledging the vital role that charities play and the support which the British public are often keen to provide, the announcement states that this generosity can sometimes be ‘undermined by those who seek to intercept charitable funds for their own gain.’

As such, the Commission set out their intention to help donors in being able to identify a genuine registered charity. By taking these steps prior to donating, the organisation states that this could help everyone become more conscious to risks and help promote greater trust in the sector.

The advice includes the following general measures:

– always check the charity’s name and registration number before giving

– exercise caution when people are collecting for ‘general causes’

– ensure a collector has a license to fundraise

– check that the charity follows the Fundraising Regulator’s guidance and Code of Fundraising Practice

– never feel pressured into making a donation

It also includes advice specific to online donation, as set out below:

– be wary of unsolicited emails from charities you have never heard of or are not associated to

– don’t click on links or attachment in suspicious emails of this sort

– before giving out any financial information or making a donation, always ensure that the chairity is legitimate

The guidance recommends that Action Fraud should be contacted if there are doubt’s around the legitimacy of an appeal or collection.


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