Former Strictly host leaves entire £11.7m fortune to widow

It’s been reported that the late Sir Bruce Forsyth has left his entire fortune to his wife in a bid to avoid inheritance tax.

Passing away last year aged 89, it’s emerged that the former host of Strictly Come Dancing ٗbequeathed the £11.7 million sum to his third wife Wilnelia Merced. His six children, however, have formally been left nothing in the will, meaning that his estate will not be subject to inheritance tax. This is because the tax is not applicable to funds left to a spouse.

However, Merced will be able to gift up to £650,000 of Bruce’s estate before it would be subject to tax and may also leave funds to Bruce’s children in her own will.

Whilst not leaving his offspring anything in his will, Forsyth did leave £100,000 in trust for his nine grandchildren, which will be distributed when they reach the age of 21.

Prior to his death, Forsyth had made his opinion on inheritance tax clear; during an interview with the Radio Times, he said:  “I think your inheritance should go to your children more than back to the country that you’ve lived in.

“I’m not saying you don’t owe the country something, of course you owe your country a lot for living there all those years. But I think it can be a bit over the top.”

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