Family suing Gest’s executors as large portion of estate left to lawyer

After neglecting to mention them in his will and leaving the majority of his £10 million estate to his lawyer, David Guest’s family are suing his legal team.

His lawyer, Edward Bearman was bequeathed Gest’s £450,000 Tennessee home, memorabilia worth around £1.6 million as well as clothes of the former star’s friend, Michael Jackson.

Gest had suffered a stroke and was found dead in at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, during April this year.

His sister Barbara Gerber, 60, is alleged to be pursuing legal action against the executors of Gest’s will, who supposedly work at Bearman’s firm.

Expressing disappointment to the press in regards to his share of Gest’s fortune, was Imad Handi. The 40 year-old former bodyguard was left £18,000 but stated: “I am upset and his family are upset. He told me I would be looked after. I’ve no idea why he left Bearman almost everything.”

Reports have however claimed that the executors had queried some of Handi’s accusations, stating that everything had been done legally.

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