An expert insight: Our second Editorial Board meeting

We’re pleased to announce that the second Today’s Thought Focus Round table is set to take place this week.

Hosted by Solve Legal, owners of Today’s Wills and Probate, it follows the success of our first Round table, where we had the chance to hear from a range of experts within the profession.

Providing our readers with the most relevant content is important to us; we want to ensure that the topics we choose to write about are the ones you’d like to read. Our Editorial Board meeting enables us to speak to our panel of professionals from both regulated and unregulated sectors, where we hope to gain an insight into the market as a whole and improve the quality of the content we deliver.

Following the Editorial Board meeting, we’ll hold an open discussion focussing on the GDPR and it’s potential impact on the market. This will be reported on fully later in the month, where it will be published as our feature piece for December.

Whilst our first Round table was held in the North West, this time we’ll be hosting from the 3PB Barrister Chambers in the Midlands. We’re looking to hold our next one in London.

If you’d like information on our future Round tables, please contact Karen Babington by calling 07831795422 or email [email protected]


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