Editorial: What do consumers look for when choosing who should write their will?

A recent YouGov consumer survey cited “quality of legal advice” to be the most important factor (87% of consumers) when choosing a will writing provider. Aside from cost, “ease of getting the will written” was important to 86% of those surveyed; 85% asked for “experience and qualifications”;  and 70% wanted “local offices” and/or “face to face” contact.

Interestingly a well-known brand only came in at 40% – showing that independent solicitors and will writers can compete with the “big boys”.

So, as a provider of will writing and estate planning services, how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are eight quick tips we think might benefit you:

  • Demonstrate knowledge by providing unique and informative articles and case studies to local newspapers and press – you’d have to spend a fortune to get the same exposure through advertising alone.
  • People buy locally. You can raise awareness in your local area by a range of methods from presentations through to publishing articles and social media – whatever suits you.
  • If you regularly present, don’t keep doing the same tired presentations. Liven up your presentation by quoting recent news stories, trends, statistics and research findings
  • Ask for client testimonials to prove your experience and include them in your literature and website.
  • Keep in touch with existing customers with a newsletter, or even brief emailshots with informative information which your customers won’t have read elsewhere.
  • Try offering a monthly surgery and ask potential customers along to ask questions on different topics from “What is the role of an Executor” to “Inheritance Tax Planning.”
  • Ensure you have a mobile friendly website. Like you, your customers will check out companies online before committing. Make your company look as professional online as you do when seeing them face to face.
  • Ensure that your website has a Google business listing.

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