e-know.net issue warning to the will writing and probate industry against using unsecured emails

e-know.net, the leading provider of outsourced IT services in the legal sector has issued a warning to the Industry against using unsecured emails.

Misuse of client funds and bogus law firms were identified as key risks in the SRA’s Risk Outlook (2014 / 2015) and in 2013 alone the SRA had 549 reports of bogus law firms.

Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive comments: "Law firm client accounts are being targeted and solicitors and their clients are suffering disruption and potential loss. It is essential that firms understand the risks and take precautions to avoid falling victim to these attacks. This is an issue that is not going away. This is obvious not just from the reports we are receiving direct from law firms and members of the public, but also in our discussions with local law societies."

The SRA has warned repeatedly against the threat of cybercrime since it was first highlighted in its Risk Outlook spring update in March 2014.

One bad practice that was repeatedly highlighted within the report was the use of the unsecured webmail or unapproved devices to transfer files.

The ICO has also warned law firms against the risk of using unsecure email and advises firms that “When sending personal information by email to consider whether the information needs to be encrypted or password protected.”

Firms are increasingly being asked by customers how they can guarantee the protection of their personal information and bank details, not surprising given the increased coverage in national newspapers.

Only this month the Telegraph reported on the story of Paul and Ann Lupton: ‘Fraudsters hacked emails to my solicitor and stole £340,000 from my property sale.’

Mark Sundin at e-know.net says: "With the increase of targeted cybercrime and with a great deal of communications happening over unsecure email, it is now time for law firms to have safeguards in place to protect their client data at its most vulnerable. Personal information, banking details, and other sensitive information is being transferred between the firm and personal email addresses without protection of any kind. Whether you admit it or not, any law firm is vulnerable but there are simple and effective measures than can protect your firm. e-know.net can assist your firm in developing a cybersecurity policy and implementing highly effective tools, like email encryption to protect your client data whilst in transit.  Used by over 680 law firms globally this law cost solution will protect the information contained in the email message and its attachments."

If you would like more information on e-know.net’s secure email platform, please contact Mark Sundin on +44(0)1952 225 000 or [email protected].

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