Devon will writer hopes to change the legal services market in 2016


Trevor Worth of Lawyer Locate, UK

This Devon-based will writer is hoping the launch of his new product can change the way the legal market operates in 2016.

Trevor Worth has been working in legal services for 28 years in the south-west, but thanks to a leap of logic while studying for an MBA, he’s all set to launch Lawyer Locate in spring this year.

Lawyer Locate is a Canadian website that helps match clients with local legal professionals across all fields of law and after fifteen years up and running they’re all set to bring it over to the UK.

Speaking to Today’s Wills and Probate, Trevor, who also runs Portcullis Legals on the edge of Dartmoor, said he was looking forward to helping colleagues in the legal sector build their businesses across the Country.

Trevor said: “They’ve been up and running for 15 years over in Canada. They have great experience in SEO and native search. What they do is they match clients with the right lawyer and it’s been great, really successful.

“When we met up, the discussion we had was why is something like this not already up and running in the UK? There’s already a lot of disruptive innovation in the legal sector at the moment, so on this we partnered up with me as an investor. Instead of just trying to replicate the service in the UK from scratch, we’re transferring all their technology across.

“When I was writing my MBA, I came across a few really forward thinking people over there. I thought there really must be a better way of doing law marketing online, why can’t we bring this to the UK?

“I went to a meeting over in Toronto and it’s just escalated from there really. With the energy and vision of those guys, I thought we could easily bring it across.

“For me, it’s not about what others do, I know there are other models of doing business out there, but this has got a proven track record and we think law professionals over here really do need to come and join the party, you can see how they’ve done over in Canada, it’s a big deal over there and I think it’ll do well.

Trevor says he’s looking forward to help drag the legal sector into the digital age.

He continued: “Lawyer Locate, it’s good for clients as it makes it much easier to find a lawyer in the right location, and of course all the client matching is all pre-screened in terms of the lawyer as we’re not just getting introductions from every man and his dog in the street

“In terms of the end users, they all speak very highly of it, particularly the lawyers who have built businesses around it, the ones that have been using tech wisely,

“They work right across the board from Corporate law to criminal law to my area of will writing, it’ll be for every offering within UK law.

“I’ve run this practice for 28 years from starting as a one man band will writer, I sit on the advisory panel of legal services board and I lecture at Exeter University where I recently did my MBA.

“Legal services can be a staid and dull sector, and very I’m hopeful we can change that. So many law firms can be a bit myopic when it comes to technology, they know change is coming and they ignore it, but hopefully we can help.”

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