Demand for Probate insurance ever increasing says Shane Leivers at HomeProtect


The demand for probate insurance is increasing as more and more insurers baulk at the prospect of insuring an empty property.

Shane Leivers of HomeProtect took the time to speak to Today’s Wills and Probate to explain his product and how it can be of use to solicitors and will writers.

Firstly, what is probate insurance, and why might people need it?
When someone passes away, it can take some time to get the legal right to manage their estate. Probate insurance protects the property while it is unoccupied.

Probate insurance will protect a vacant property regardless of the size of the estate. Whether it is small or large, it will be up to the executor of the estate to choose an insurance provider that offers sufficient cover levels to look after the deceased’s assets.
Is it a product that demand has changed over time for?
In our experience, demand has definitely changed for the product itself and increased over time. We have more and more solicitors or executors of the estate requesting for policy in probate as there are not many insurers in the market looking to insure the risk of unoccupied property.

What sort of things does it protect from?
Often a standard policy will only cover FLEEA (Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion and Aircraft). However, vacant properties are at risk of incidents like theft, vandalism and flooding too, and it would be up to the executor of the estate to specify the level of cover needed. Valuable items within the home should also be specified, such as jewellery or art.

By getting probate insurance from a specialist provider like HomeProtect, you can tailor the cover to meet your needs.

We know that dealing with a property in probate can be a very stressful time, but taking the time to put the right insurance in place is important in case the property incurs damage whilst it’s left empty such as frozen pipes in Winter.

Our data tells us that burglaries are also more prevalent when the house is unoccupied, so insuring antiques and other contents left in the house is equally important. Mainstream insurance providers don’t insure that level of risk, so being able to get an online quote from specialist insurance companies such as HomeProtect does make life easier.

HomeProtect offer quotes for probate insurance on their website here.

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