Why David can always beat Goliath online

We all know the story of David and Goliath, the underdog who won against the giant.

The internet gives small law firms a platform to compete on a level playing field with the big guy, and win.

Whilst in one way it surprises me that more legal services professionals don’t take advantage of digital marketing, in another way, it doesn’t.

Marketing is a specialism. I wouldn’t give advice on a matrimonial case, attempt to write a will for someone or draft a lease. So why is there often an expectation that a partner in a law firm should be a marketing guru? Of course, there can be a partner in charge of managing business development and marketing, but it doesn’t mean him or her should have to do it themselves.

If your business is the right size and has the budget for it, employing a marketing manager can be the answer. Realistically though, would you expect one or two people to be experts in all things marketing i.e. web design, social media, content writing, PR etc? These require specialisms.

That is why we have brought together a team of marketing professionals, each with their own specialisms, and with a grounded understanding of the legal sector to provide outsourced marketing services to the profession.

We have assisted firms in growing to sell, diversifying into sectors to follow opportunities, or simply to grow and become more profitable.

Outsourced marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – but it does have to be adapted for your audience and intelligently thought out and delivered.

Contact me today to tell me about your business so we can discuss how we can help. [email protected]

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