Criminally Incompetent Will Writer Handed Two-Year Conditional Discharge

A Will writing director has been handed a two-year conditional discharge for ‘criminal incompetence.’ 

James Usher, company director of Wills and Trusts Warehouse Ltd in Warrington, was found guilty of taking client money to complete various estate management services only to fail in completing the work. 

Usher agreed to complete a range of important and time sensitive legal undertakings, including drawing up power of attorney documents and writing wills. 

Having received thousands of pounds by clients to complete the work, Usher reciprocated their trust through radio silence at a time when his clients needed help and support. 

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Usher took ‘an inordinate’ amount of time to complete what little legal services he managed to tackle. 

However, for the vast majority, they were left empty handed with no legal services complete and a failure to offer a refund. 

Overall, Usher pleaded guilty to seven counts of unfair trading and was sentenced to a conditional discharge which will absolve him of all guilt within two years if he manages to avoid repeating the offence within the time limit. 

The Court deemed Usher’s actions to be ‘criminally incompetent’ but suggested they were not considered’ intentionally ‘dishonest.’ 

In addition to the conditional sentence, Usher was also ordered to repay £3,490 in compensation to the clients he failed to help. 

When the legal services market is becoming so competitive, how important is it to provide a good and efficient service for all clients?   

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  • test

    Such a shame as it tarnishes the reputation of those that do such a great job for their clients. Hopefully, this will deter anyone else who thinks they can earn a fast buck and gives no thought to the needs of our clients.

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