Connells-owned Redstone Wills offers free will to 750 Paradigm mortgage brokers

Redstone Wills are offering Paradigm mortgage brokers a free will for themselves, as part of a strategy to get mortgage brokers to recommend their services.

The Paradigm Group, which includes Paradigm Mortgage Services, comprises over 750 partner firms, representing over 3000 registered intermediaries (RIs) who are all actively engaged in a variety of financial services.

With a 100% take up Redstone Wills would, in effect, be administering 750 wills free of charge.

Paradigm Mortgages recently launched Paradigm Legal, which is encouraging their brokers and member firms to offer the Redstone Wills service to their clients. The wills service is being offered on a fixed price basis from £110 plus VAT.

The free will offer is only available if processed by the 14th August and is available to Paradigm members only.

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