Clive Ponder Discusses Industry Events, Sponsorship, And Electronic LPA Signatures

Delegates who recently attended Today’s Wills and Probate round table were made up of an expert array of legal firms and professional organisations from the sector seeking to tackle relevant and contemporary issues as well as potential challenges that lie ahead.

Among the attendees who contributed to the success of the round table were Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation, who gave a stimulating talk about the types of claims made on death and how the software they are developing helps clients and companies give themselves maximum protection against such claims.

Following the round table event, Clive Ponder, director of Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation, has taken the time to highlight the importance of industry events in a quickly changing environment, the innate benefits from sponsoring certain events and the changes that could benefit the sector in the future.

How frequently do Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation representatives attend round table events?

A senior manager and myself attended the inaugural event, and two Directors of the company have attended every event since.

What are the main benefits from attending industry events?

I attend many industry events around the country. These events are very useful, but then generally the events I attend are either for will writers or solicitors and their employees.

This round table is the only event that I am aware of where solicitors and will writers interact and debate the same topics. That means the debate is not only unique, but exceptionally useful.

In addition, some of the speakers at these events have been exceptionally beneficial – for example, the senior guys from the Law Commission gave a talk on how they work which completely changed my view of the work of the Law Commission.

What did you take away from the round table event held in January?

Ian Bond, who in addition to being a solicitor is Chair of the Law Society’s Wills and Equity Committee, attended the round table for the first time and highlighted the view of the Justice Department.

Probably the comment from Ian that stuck with me more than any other was about signing of LPA’s electronically. Ian commented that it was no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ it would be agreed – music to my ears as a company that already has an electronic signing facility in our software and is embracing technology in every way possible.

What are the benefits from sponsoring an event?

When a company sponsors an event, the company has the opportunity to present to all the attendees for circa 20 minutes. The feedback from all sectors of the industry is unbelievably useful.


The next Today’s Wills and Probate round table event will be held in Birmingham on the 10th April 2019. To enquire about sponsorship opportunities and remaining round table places, please email Karen Babington – [email protected]