Claiming A Court Fee Refund

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ), launched the court refund scheme after identifying issues around overcharging and mischarging in some cases.

To claim a court fee refund, click here. The online process makes it quick and easy for people to send off their claim. However, there is still an option to complete the forms and send the information via post.

Unsure if you’re due a refund?

You can only claim a refund if:

  • You paid the fee straight to the court
  • Someone put a claim against you, and you were ordered to pay their fees

Only 16 fees have been identified, and if you’ve been charged inadvertently for one of them, you could be due a refund. The fees are outlined in the Refund Scheme guidance document.

Applications are said to be processed within 20 working days from the day it is received by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service..

For more information visit the website.

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