Calls To End Delays To Social Care Reforms

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has called for the delays on social care reform to be stopped in a frank letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The social care sector is struggling at the moment, and the Committee did their upmost to highlight the desperate need for help needed by the sector, which is being hindered as a result of the delays.

The Committee also pointed out, that the recommendations it made in the 2019 ‘Social Care Funding: Time to end a national scandal‘ report still hadn’t happened as a result of the delay.

The report’s recommendations would go a long way to solving the sector’s urgent problems and in the long term put social care on a more sustainable footing.

In the letter, Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, Chair of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee states:

“The urgent and tragic circumstances affecting the sector have magnified the differences between the NHS and social care. Moreover, they demonstrate that there can be no justification for any more delay to putting social care on a sustainable footing; both for those who rely on it and those who serve it.”

Rishi Sunak gave evidence to the Committee last week, explaining how the absence of consensus over funding was one of the main blockers regarding social care reform. He also cited that the cost of it was another barrier.

However, this was rebuffed by the Committee, with Lord Forsyth responding:

“Our report, and the evidence that underpins it, demonstrates that that consensus does exist, and that it is acknowledged by all sides that any system that is fit for purpose will entail significant expenditure.”

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