Barclays’ bereavement service mishandles multiple affairs for family

The death of a loved one is bound to be an emotional time, and along with funeral arrangements and estate management, can also make it one plagued with stress. Hence the reason why so many seek third party services to assist in matters following a bereavement.

For Jean Price however, stress levels could only increase as the Barclays’ bereavement service fell far from the mark on not just one, but two occasions.

Whilst the first set of issues with the bank for the Gloucester-based customer had been in relation to her late father-in-law, the most recent issue with was in relation to the her late mother.

On request of information on the Barclays’ service balance, the figures were finally received a month later than the initial communication. Further issues were had with the customer service centre, who Mrs Price claimed were constantly busy.

Additional problems involved the documentation sent to Barclays from the solicitor. On two occasions, the paperwork went missing, leading to her personally handing in the documents to the bank herself. Following this, the bank refused to sign for the receipt of probate, subsequent to Mrs Price handing in its grant.

The bank stated feedback had been passed on to the senior management and apologised for the unsatisfactory service.

Barclays also offered a goodwill gesture of £150 for any inconvenience suffered and £90 for any petrol spent on journeys to the solicitors in order for replacement paperwork to be signed.

Mrs Price then phoned the bank’s customer service team to query when the transfer of funds would occur. They responded that they were still yet to receive the grant of probate, despite the customer having personally delivered it. This was a month after Barclays had claimed they would provide feedback to their managers.

Finally, the bank located it.

The reparation money, estate proceeds as well as the goodwill gift were only moved a week later following a further prompt.

The bank expressed their disappointment to have learnt about the unsatisfactory level of service that the customer had received once again. The emotional nature of bereavement indisputably calls for claims and clients to be dealt with competently and with care, especially when service has been below this standard in the past. Despite recognition of their mistakes and offering sympathy for the customer’s additional frustration or upset caused, it is arguable as to whether the bank’s actions can really provide adequate compensation during such a distressing time.


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    Interesting to read this. My current contact with Barclays Bereavement service suggests it is not fit for purpose – Documents delivered to branch day after mother-in-law’s death. Three weeks on whilst Bereavement service confirmed all documents in order and request for payment made to payments department, no money transferred and they can’t say when it will happen. Bereavement service told me they were working through 8000 lost documents that they had just ‘found’!!!!.
    Absolutely appalling service – no empathy or compassion during what is a stressful time for families. Interesingly, Barclays branch completed the new single notification procedure and two hours later their competitor had transferred funds to the nominated account!

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    I’m going through a very similar situation. Barclays bereavement team told me twice that they had sent the final balance of my late fathers estate, they then claimed not to have received the grant of probate. My solicitor is still waiting for the cheque to arrive, I really don’t think Barclays bereavement team know what they are doing. Having spent a year not working while I cared for my terminally ill father I really need the funds, Barclays have apparently sent a goodwill cheque, that hasn’t arrived, no surprise. My Late Mother and Father both banked with Barclays for the whole of their working life’s, I will be closing my account as soon as the funds arrive.

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